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‘Bad Boys 3′ In Development

Posted by , on August 31, 2009 at 12:37 am 

Bad Boys pic 3

According to THR Columbia Pictures has hired Peter Craig to pen a script for a new addition to the Bad Boys films. Columbia hopes to reunite producer Jerry Bruckheimer with director Michael Bay and stars Will Smith and Martin Lawrence. Reportedly, all key players have expressed interest as long as a story can be hammered out. However, the cost of all the players is still a worry.

I am so happy to hear this news. I have been waiting for a third installment ever since Bad Boys II which many claim is just a fun movie to watch. Bad Boys 1 helped establish Michael Bay as a feature film director and this would put him right back with Jerry Bruckheimer whom he hasn’t worked with since Bad Boys II. I do wonder how this film will coincide with Bay’s other projects currently at hand (Transformers 3 [which he hasn't been confirmed yet for] and I Am Number 4). Not to mention Smith’s upcoming films Time Share and the I Am Legend prequel. Also, Big Mama’s House 3 and Wild Hogs 2 for Lawrence.

Do you want a Bad Boys III?

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