Mark Ruffalo is set to return to his gritty drama roots this fall in the curiously titled Infinitely Polar Bear. The film, which is slated to shoot in September, will be the directorial debut of screenwriter Maya Forbes, who is best known for co-writing comedies like Monsters Vs. Aliens and The Rocker. But despite its seemingly whimsical title and its director’s comedy background, Infinitely is a darkly toned drama that deals with issues of insanity and marital strife. Ruffalo is set to star as a father and husband who struggles with bipolar disorder. After choosing to go off his medication, he spirals out of control, losing his job, and threatening his marriage when his wife is forced to go back to work, leaving him at home to care for their children.

Now Vulture, which describes the film as, “the dramatic version of Mr. Mom, albeit one on Abilify, has revealed that Zoe Saldana is in talks to join the production as Ruffalo’s long-suffering better half. Of course, with Infinitely slated to shoot in September, Saldana would likely have to leap from the gutsy drama right into Star Trek 2, which is rumored to shoot this November. As a fan of Saldana’s unerring screen presence, I’d like to see her take on a meatier role than some of her past endeavors have allowed. And as Infinitely is being produced by Star Trek 2 producer J.J. Abrams, it seems likely an agreeable shoot schedule could be arranged.

Notably, the film’s predominant backer is billionheiress Megan Ellison, who has been using her immense fortune to bankroll such intriguing projects as P.T. Anderson’s next two features: The Master and the adaptation of Thomas Pynchon’s novel Inherent Vice. Ellison has so far proved an ambitious and prolific producer, having a hand in the creation of four films in 2010, including the Coen Brothers‘ Oscar-nominated western True Grit. So, between the engaging talent she’s working to line up and the fact that she executive produced one of my favorite films of last year, I have to say I am eager to see what will unfold with Infinitely.

What do you make of this project? Are you intrigued by the premise? Do you think the cast suits the material?

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