From zombie apocalypses to the boxing ring, from alien crime-fighting to dating consulting, Will Smith has had a storied history of dabbling in it all and doing it with the right amount of twist. Now, after some early reports, Sony Pictures has announced that he’ll be taking a new route with one of the most legendary stories of all time: the tale of Cain and Abel.

The studio is going ahead with production of The Redemption of Cain, an adaptation of the Biblical tale of sibling feuds (this time with, you guessed it, vampires). The project is currently in development and aims to begin principal photography next July. The production is looking at shooting exteriors in Morocco and the majority of the film in London and Jordan.

I’m not a fan of vampire craze that has been sweeping the industry over the years, however, Smith’s involvement gives me hope. There’s been a big movement in literary circles to take classics and give them a monster-y twist (see: Pride and Prejudice and Zombies). And though it would be pretty easy to mess that up, Smith seems to have a keen understanding on what not just works for his career but also what works for films today. Beyond that, it’ll just be nice to see him return to leading films regularly again, given his focus on producing in recent years. With him attached, I think I might actually get excited for this.

Smith will produce the film through his company, Overbrook Entertainment. The production is bringing Francine Maisler in to cast the film over the next few weeks. [The Wrap]

Do you want to see Smith make this film? 

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