If Isle of Dogs suggested Wes Anderson needs a break from animation, here’s something to argue the medium’s best used short-term. To hype his long-delayed The French Dispatch, finally opening October 22, Anderson’s directed (with illustrations by Javi Aznarez) a music video for “Aline,” French singer Christophe’s classic covered, here, by Jarvis Cocker.

A side-scrolling adventure bearing shades of Yellow Submarine, it diverts from expectations one might have for a Wes Anderson music video—not that we’d complain about more of his signature style. (God forbid a contemporary American director have signature style.) As we said in our Cannes review, “It’s a real giddy rush of a film, perhaps not as fundamentally moving or sensitive at his top-drawer work, but taking his micromanagement-heavy film craft to noir-ish new peaks.”

Take a look at the video below:

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