If you’ve bothered to click on this post you’ve no doubt heard of Radiohead’s “Public Library,” an online depository for nearly everything official in their decades-long catalog. (On a Friday enthusiasts, meanwhile, wage an insurgent campaign.) Like many a Thom Yorke-penned tune, what first appears clear–links to stream albums and EPs, PDFs of Stanley Donwood booklets, music videos upgraded from sometimes-abhorrent late-00s YouTube uploads–grows denser the longer you poke through, hence a glut of articles trying to lay it all out. Plus traffic easily incurred by mentioning any new Radiohead content in a headline. Not that we would ever do that.

We do at least hope to point you towards a sort-of-hidden gem: under the OK Computer section resides Grant Gee’s beyond-essential 1998 documentary Meeting People is Easy, in which one will find a touring band pushed to their edges and a frontman at the limit of his sanity–a sort of inception point for the radicalization that was Kid A, though arguably more worthwhile for its nearly ethnographic cataloging of music, fashion, hotel rooms, and cityscapes circa their seminal album, itself a reflection of those very things. Which is a longwinded way of saying this is among the few companion films that enriches the album from which it spawned. The music doesn’t hurt.

Stream it in full and free here.

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