Cate Blanchett

You always remember your first time — watching a sex scene, that is. While the MPAA may still prefer violence-laden films over ones with even the briefest hint of sexuality, there’s no denying that some of cinema’s most memorable scenes involve lovemaking. Knowing this full well, W Magazine set out to poll dozens of top actors on their most memorable sex-scene-viewing experience, and today we have all the results.

The picks include Cate Blanchett‘s experience in third grade, Paul Dano on Notorious, Jennifer Jason Leigh picks In the Realm of the Senses and Don’t Look Now, Jake Gyllenhaal talks Out of Sight and Jerry Maguire, Alicia Vikander on seeing Blue Valentine alone, while Rooney Mara names Rust & Bone (and also talks her crying fit during Toy Story 3).

Meanwhile, Domhnall Gleeson opens up about directing his brother in an anal sex scene, Mya Taylor talks Titanic, Margot Robbie picks True Romance, Bryan Cranston names A History of Violence, Benicio del Toro gets classy with It Happened One Night, Kristen Wiig and Seth Rogen have a laugh about getting turned on by Team America, and perhaps the best pick is Saoirse Ronan‘s take on MacGruber.

Check out all those mentioned, and many more, below and on the following page.

As a bonus, wrap things up with a video essay on 120 years of the cinematic kiss:

What’s your favorite pick? What would you choose?

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