It’s not uncommon for the Academy Award short film winners go on to have a healthy career in Hollywood, but for a recent example one director will actually adapt his work into a feature. Shawn Christensen has already dipped his toe into feature films with the scripting of the Taylor Lautner-led Abduction, but this year he picked up his very own Oscar for Curfew, a project he wrote, edited, directed and led.

Now Deadline reports that he’s set to shoot the feature adaptation this summer, playing the lead role once more, but bringing together Ron PerlmanPaul Wesley (The Vampire Diaries) and Emmy Rossum (Beautiful Creatures) to support. Opening on Christensen’s Richie soaking in bloody bathtub water with one wrist cut and another about to be sliced, the story kicks in when a distraught phone call from sister Maggie gives him pause, as she asks him to look after her niece. We were fairly mixed on the short, but one can watch it for just $1.99 on Amazon  (also including the rest of the 2013 nominates shorts) and see a trailer below.

Do you like the short? Looking forward to a feature version?

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