One of the stand-out directorial debuts of the Sundance Film Festival this year is Haley Elizabeth Anderson’s Tendaberry, which premiered yesterday as part of the NEXT section. The film takes a poetic, hybrid look at life in Brooklyn through the eyes of Dakota (Kota Johan), a 23-year-old juggling romance, work, friendship, and family. We’re pleased to exclusively debut the first clip from the film, featuring an early scene between Dakota and her boyfriend (Yuri Pleskun) before he heads to Ukraine.

Here’s the synopsis: “When her boyfriend Yuri goes back to Ukraine to be with his ailing father, twenty-three year-old Dakota navigates her precarious new life, surviving on her own in New York City. When Yuri goes missing, Dakota discovers that she is pregnant and must make a decision between holding on to the past and forging her own future in the midst of her South Brooklyn universe, creating a lyrical glimpse of young, urban adulthood, and a meditation on the anxiety that can arise from not knowing what comes next.”

See our exclusive clip premiere below.

Tendaberry premiered at the 2024 Sundance Film Festival and is seeking distribution.

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