Krzysztof Kieślowski

It was just about twenty years ago when Krzysztof Kieślowski passed away, leaving in his wake one of the most revered and influential careers in all of cinema — contemporary, European, or otherwise. We’ve sung the praises of his Three Colors trilogy and highlighted the processes behind their creation, yet the presence of numerous other features and, of course, his ten-episode Decalogue ensures there is a lot more to explore. Fortunately, we have just the item for those who wish to see, hear, and understand the corpus on a larger scale.

The deep-dive documentary Memoirs of an Angel is from the IsuruFoundation and BandB, who create projects “composed by recycling existing audio-visual footage, where possible with prior and written permission of the authors.” And so it mixes interviews with Kieślowski himself, film clips, music, and archival materials to build its portrait, paying due to the wide swath of cinema he produced — in short, what a tribute needs.

Watch it below:


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