One of the most tender, accomplished films of the year is Rebecca Zlotowski’s French drama Other People’s Children. Featuring Virginie Efira’s best performance to date, accompanied by Roschdy Zem and a delightful cameo by Frederick Wiseman, the film charts a woman’s relationship with a man who has a young daughter. Brilliantly written and acted, the new trailer has now arrived ahead of an April 21 U.S. release from Music Box Films.

Michael Frank said in his review, “Directed by Rebecca Zlotowski, the French drama Other People’s Children has a simple plot linked with complex ideas. Following Rachel (Virginie Efira), a 40-year-old childless, single teacher, the film watches her fall in love with Ali (Roschdy Zem), a man with a young daughter named Leila. Rachel, always wanting kids of her own, becomes connected to Leila, forcing her to confront her own views on motherhood. Zlotowski’s film grows into a study of overheard conversations and biting words from kids, those who don’t know any better.”

See the trailer below.

Other People’s Children opens on April 21.

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