Have you ever wished there was an animated gif of James Van Der Beek (of Dawson’s Creek fame) to express your myriad expressions and emotions? Well, now there is! After the surge in popularity of the “Dawson Crying” gif that featured the actor expressing a hilariously uncomfortable amount of emotion in a scene from the 90’s teen drama, the actor decided to reprise the infamous expression along with a plethora of other useful poses!

The use of expressive gifs on the internet is becoming more and more popular and it is great to see an actor like Van Der Beek play along with the joke. Sometimes this sort of self referential behavior comes off a bit desperate and doesn’t work but good old Dawson sells the hell out of this bit.

Watch this FunnyorDie.com clip of Van Der Beek explaining his gift of gifs to the internet and check out all the gifs on his official site.

Unfortunately, there is no Van Der Meme that expresses how I feel about these new gifs but these, perhaps, come the closest:

And the original (and its update) for good measure:

What do you think of Van Der Beek’s new gifs? Will you use them to express your emotions online?

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