The ninth annual Tribeca Film Festival kicked off today with a press conference and the unveiling of an online fest at, a new virtual festival designed to spread the festival experience around the world.

This year’s festival will extend its reach beyond New York City, creating a variety of different participation opportunities. Utilizing internet technology like video conferencing, chat rooms, and streaming video, TFF can now bring the action of the festival pretty much anywhere.

“For the first time, you can now experience it online and on demand,” said festival co-founder Robert De Niro. “Wherever you are, you can be part of Tribeca.”

Chief creative officer of TFF Virtual Geoff Gilmore described the atmosphere in the industry as a “tremendous moment of change,” with the festival’s expansion into new media reflectling the changing times. “We’re really in the process of trying to reinvent what festivals do and how they reach audiences.”

Various films will also be available OnDemand through various cable providers, giving more opportunities to experience the festival programs.

The screenings begin tomorrow at various theaters throughout Manhattan, as well as online, and run through May 2.

TFF co-founder Robert DeNiro speaking at opening press conference

Which films would you like to see at TFF?

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