Liam Neeson Invites You To Get ‘Taken’ Again In New Trailer, Featurette, Stills and Clip

Written by on September 5, 2012 

Exactly one month from today Liam Neeson will be back in theaters as all-around asskicker Bryan Mills, but for Taken 2 the tables are turned and his daughter must save him from the baddies. This time around Colombiana‘s Olivier Megaton is handling directories and now we’ve got a bunch of new media from the film.

First up, Neeson introduces a web-exclusive trailer which adds some more action, along with a featurette that lays out the basis of the story this time around. Then we’ve got the first clip from the film featuring Maggie Grace, which seems to be more frenetically edited then what’s in the actual film, or at least I hope. Check them out below, as well as some photos (one including a milkshake-slurping Neeson) thanks to Empire.

Taken 2 arrives on October 5th.

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