Bela Tarr’s ‘The Turin Horse’ Trailer

Written by on January 13, 2012 

Almost exactly 11 months ago, we got the spare teaser for Bela Tarr‘s reportedly final film, The Turin Horse. Today, the full thing has arrived and don’t expect a quick-cutting, easily marketable piece. The auteur’s restrained style still reigns supreme with this trailer, showing off some gorgeous cinematography. The Hungarian filmmaker’s approach isn’t for everyone, but his latest looks to be continuing with his meditative, stark aesthetic. Check it out below.


After witnessing a carriage driver whipping his horse, the philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche ran to the scene, threw his arms around the horse and then collapsed; he would spend the next, final ten years of his life in almost total silence. Focusing not on Nietzsche but on the driver and his family, Béla Tarr and his longtime collaborator Ágnes Hranitzky, working from a screenplay by Tarr and novelist László Krasznhorkai, create a mesmerizing, provocative meditation on the unsettling connectedness of things, in which the resonance of actions and gestures continues long after their actual occurrence. Beautifully photographed (by Fred Kelemen) on the austere, unforgiving Hungarian plain lands, The Turin Horse challenges us to enter into a world just beyond the one we experience daily. Winner of the Silver Bear at this year’s Berlin Film Festival. A Cinema Guild release.

The Turin Horse hits limited theaters February 10th, 2012.

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