Later this year, we will get to see Tom Cruise beat people up as not Ethan Hunt, but rather Jack Reacher, the hero character in a slew of Lee Child novels, including One Shot, the book which writer/director Christopher McQuarrie‘s film, already infamously-titled Jack Reacher, is based.

But today, we have some of the first footage of the film in a new trailer.

Take a look (via Yahoo!):

There’s not too much to see here, aside from Cruise in the middle of some well-choreographed fight scenes. To be sure, overseas it seems this property will be sold almost solely on the movie star’s name.

It’s film to watch for those in the industry looking for visible confirmation that Cruise can carry a new Hollywood franchise, rather than keeping an older one (Mission: Impossible) alive.

With Rock of Ages (in which Cruise co-stars in) whimpering at the box office, Jack Reacher has become more important for the actor.

Jack Reacher opens on December 21st.

Do you know who Jack Reacher is? Will you go see a film called Jack Reacher?

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