Coming off his mostly hilarious road trip movie The Trip, Michael Winterbottom is switching gears yet again, with an adaptation Thomas Hardy‘s Tess of the d’Urbervilles. Featuring Slumdog Millionaire star Frieda Pinto, I saw Trishna at TIFF last year and while it is a nicely shot and well-acted portrayal of dangerous romance, the pacing is a bit too slow and this adaptation is little repetitive. Yahoo has a new US trailer, which provides a look at some of the gorgeous on-location shooting Winterbottom accomplished, but gives away a decent amount of the twisty third act. Check it out below.


The daughter of peasants, Trishna works at a resort in Rajasthan where she attracts the attention of Jay, the son of a real estate mogul. Jay transforms Trishna’s life by giving her a job at one of his father’s upscale hotels and introducing her to the sophistication of city life when they move in together in Mumbai. Eventually, though, secrets and class divisions intercede, tearing their romance apart.

Trishna hits theaters on July 13th.

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