As of June 2020, the American Civil Liberties Union has filed 173 lawsuits against the current administration to protect the rights of people. These issues include the ability to have reproductive healthcare, fighting back against the administration’s attempts to ban transgender individuals from having equal opportunities, and, currently, still arguing for the release of immigrants in cages. Directors Eli B. Despres, Josh Kriegman, and Elyse Steinberg (Weiner) have shined a light on four of these lawsuits in The Fight, arriving this summer following a Sundance premiere.

Spanning from January 2017 to summer 2019, the directors explore the day to day proceedings of ACLU attorneys and case workers, who valiantly fight for the rights of the disenfranchised, such as for a mother who is separated from her child, a soldier on the brink of losing his career as a result of his transgender status, and a woman’s reproductive right to abortion, threatened by conservative politicians fighting to undermine Roe v. Wade. The film conveys the struggles of not just these individuals, but the case workers and attorneys struggling with them to achieve justice from the Trump Administration’s attempts to circumvent these basic freedoms.

See the trailer and poster below.

Magnolia Pictures will release The Fight in theaters and on demand on July 31st, 2020.

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