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With an apparent (and certainly limited) U.S. release of this film finally coming on March 13th, here’s a little diddy about The Edge of Love, directed by John Maybury (The Jacket) and starring Keira Knightley, Sienna Miller, Cillian Murphy and Matthew Rhys.

Here’s a link to the film’s website and a trailer of the film.

It’s a terrific young cast, including Rhys, who readers may recognize from his recurring role as Kevin Walker on the hit ABC-drama Brothers and Sisters. The story spurs from the life of ill-fated poet Dylan Thomas (Rhys), Miller and Knightley playing the two loves of his life, Murphy playing Knightley’s husband in the film.

Released in the U.K. last summer and an official selection of last year’s Edinburgh International Film Festival, the film has received predominantly positive reviews especially for the performances by Miller and Knightley. Both women are criminally underutilized/underrated in my opinion. To confirm this for yourself, see Miller in Factory Girl and Interview and Knightley in Atonement, Pride and Prejudice and The Duchess.

And then there’s Cillian Murphy, who’s good in everything he does. Aside from his uber-small The Dark Knight cameo, he’s been gone for a while, so a Murphy fix is viciously needed. Now, I doubt this film, despite it’s positive reception and period piece timeline, will have any Oscar chances, especially when considering the March release date after lingering for about a year in other countries and film festivals.

Either way, look for it on the small theater circuit and do your best to see. I’ve got a hunch it’s something worth seeing.

Are you going to see this film? Does the plot interest you? Does the cast?

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