Happy Halloween! In keeping with a now two-year tradition, we are examining the B-Sides of those involved with the Halloween franchise in honor of the spooooky holiday. This time, we talk John Carpenter. The master filmmaker has been doing a lot with a little for a long time, while fighting to keep his originality when given a bigger budget.

Here, we discuss Memoirs of an Invisible Man (1992), Vampires (1998), Ghosts of Mars (2001), and The Ward (2010) with special guest, author and editor Alex Sherman.

The director has been very honest about his process, extremely critical of the Hollywood system, and famously protective of his creations. Case in point, his contract regarding Snake Plissken.

We discuss the reasons why Ice Cube laments making Ghosts of Mars and the reasons why Carpenter laments critics taking it seriously. We discuss the two Jason Statham vs. Jet Li action movies (The One & War). And, finally, we discuss this stunning photo of young Ralph Fiennes.

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