Yes, we do have the headline correct. I’m here to tell you, as Variety reports, that the tale of the runaway cow Yvonne is in fact making its way to the big screen. However odd this adventure may be, animation producer Max Howard, Munich’s Papa Loewe Filmproduktion, Torsten Poeck of Clou Partnerts, and Kirsty Peart are finding it necessary to get Yvonne’s story to the masses — in an animated form, of course, with the appropriately titled Cow on the Run.

After reading various internet postings on this particular cow, she does seem to be somewhat of a celebrity. (She even has her own Wikipedia page.) Yvonne was raised on an Austrian farm before she busted through an electric fence last May; the “irate cow” managed to run away from captors for upwards of three months, “outwitting expert trackers equipped with a helicopter and heat-seeking equipment.” She was later caught in September in Unteralmsham, near Stefanskirchen, but she now lives in peace grazing at an animal sanctuary far away from any slaughtering houses. The producers are teaming with the Gut Aiderbichl animal sanctuary in Bavaria in order to get good source material for the animated feature.

It’s not very often that you see a lone, renegade cow make its way to the big screen, so I’m obviously interested in seeing how this one turns out. The project is currently slated for a 2014 release.

What are your thoughts on Yvonne’s journey to the big screen?

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