“It was always going to reflect the culture — presidents, reelections, wars — but kind of from the kids’ perspective,” Richard Linklater recently told us when it came to his intimate epic Boyhood. “I remember in my childhood, just scenes, what you see on TV, music you might hear on the radio, TV shows or little bits you might remember. Presidential elections come and go, you know, little signposts, but not see any of it as too big a deal. It’s really from their perspective.”

While we’re still awaiting a trailer, one can get a glimpse of the twelve years captured in the film thanks to a batch of new photos (via The Playlist). Whether it’s an old Apple computer or some Obama-Biden signposts, take a glimpse below at Linklater on set as well as stars, his daughter, Lorelei, Patricia Arquette, Ethan Hawke, and lead Ellar Coltrane. One can also see the full 25-minute Q&A from the SXSW screening here and the director discussing his favorite films in an ongoing video series.

Boyhood opens on June 11th.

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