With a release in just over week, it’s somewhat surprising that Paramount have just now released a red band trailer for Sacha Baron Cohen‘s The Dictator. It’s here and while it’s rightfully offensive in just the sense that it’s poking fun of one of America’s most devastating tragedies, it’s actually surprisingly tame on the Cohen scale.  There’s two bits at the end that show promise, one with Kathryn Hahn and the birthing of her daughter and then Cohen and his co-hort on a tourist plane talking about the next 9/11.

In addition, General Aladeen stopped by SNL this past weekend, where he talks about A.O. Scott‘s review and then reveals a legendary director he captured, one that he worked with on Hugo. I’ll let you take a guess, but he calls The Dictator “better than Raging Bull.” I’m enjoying these press bits more than the trailers, but I hope the film delivers as well. Check out the two videos below.

The Dictator hits theaters May 16th.

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