Considering how long it has taken for some Paul Thomas Anderson productions to get off the ground, it’s always a nice sign to get some confirmation on when such an event will occur. After the five-year gap between There Will Be Blood and The Master, we’ve known for some time it wouldn’t take as long for his next film to start shooting and after some rumblings regarding casting, we finally have word on when Inherent Vice is aiming to begin production.

According to producer JoAnne Sellar, who spoke with the stellar PTA resource Cigs & Red Vines, the team is “just putting the financing together and the plan is to start shooting in late April. Sellar told us. When it came to Charlize Theron circling and Joaquin Phoenix reportedly replacing Robert Downey Jr. in the lead role she said, “Everything should be [underway] very soon in order to start shooting then: late April/early May kinda thing.”

There you have it, we could be seeing a new PTA film in theaters by 2014. Based on Thomas Pynchon‘s novel that film has been compared to Cheech & Chong, as we follow our lead, Larry “Doc” Sportello, a pot-smoking detective on a kidnapping case. Set in 1969-1970 Los Angeles, I’m eager to see Anderson return to more of a comedic vibe with this work and couldn’t be happier that it’s coming together so quickly.

Are you looking forward to PTA’s next film kicking off production soon?

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