Why? Because he can.

No, not really. Timothy Olyphant is replacing District 9‘s Sharlito Copley in D.J. Caruso’s I Am Number Four. [Variety]

Copley was forced to drop out due to the press tour for the upcoming Joe Carnahan actioner The A-Team. Having to drop out of anything because of The A-Team just sounds wasteful. Who knows? Maybe the flick’ll be worth it.

Number 4 (which is based on a forthcoming young adult sci-fi novel by by James Frey, yes, the same A Million Little Pieces liar guy, and Jobie Hughes) tells the story of nine alien teens stuck on earth after escaping their planet seconds before it was annihilated. Number Four (Alex Pettyfer) releases that the annihilators are after him on earth.

“Olyphant plays Henri, Number Four’s guardian and mentor who comes to Earth with him. Kevin Durand will play The Commander that is coming after Pettyfer’s character.” [Coming Soon]

As long as Olyphant is allowed to make snide remarks whilst smirking and looking refreshingly untrustworthy, I’m game. It sounds like he’ll be the best part of this thing, which sounds like Superman meets 9 meets Aliens in the Attic (alright, that last one was probably undeserved).

Will you see I Am Number Four?

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