Although she hasn’t had a hit as big as My Big Fat Greek Wedding, that hasn’t stopped Nia Vardalos from keeping busy. After teaming with Tom Hanks for Larry Crowne last summer, according to Variety, the funny woman is now working with Paramount for the upcoming Leftovers; of which she will both write and produce.

Mike Karz and Josie Rosen will also be producing alongside Vardalos. The storyline for the project is being kept somewhat secret as of now, but we’ve been told it’s an “anti-romantic comedy.” Considering both Vardalos and Karz — whose producing credits include Valentine’s Day, New Year’s Eve and Killers — are only known for average-to-horrible romantic comedies, I can’t say this project has me excited in anyway. Maybe it’ll be good for the pair to venture down a different path. And as expected, she will also most likely be starring in the project.

Aside from acting and producing, Vardalos has also written a non-fiction book on adoption, titled Instant Mom, which HarperCollins will publish next year. Vardalos is also set to star in 33 Liberty Lane alongside Emily Watson and Sandra Oh.

What do you think of Vardalos’ newest project?

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