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Pair of ‘Battleship’ & ‘Men In Black III’ Posters Prepare Us For Popcorn Blockbuster Onslaught

Written by on February 22, 2012 

We’ve got some smart, promising blockbuster offerings this summer with films like Prometheus and The Dark Knight Rises, then a tier below we’ve got a few that should at least be some fun (The Amazing Spider-Man, The Bourne Legacy). Then there is the lowest set; a batch of films that I can’t imagine will be a good time without being buzzed on heavily caffeinated soda and a large bucket of popcorn. Tonight we’ve got two new posters for the prime examples in the category.

First up is a poster for Men In Black III, which mirrors the lazy effort of the trailer. Seriously, what is going on with Will Smith‘s lips, the lamely integrated hashtag and are we really going with “cubed”? I sincerely hope this is a worthy addition to the series, but things aren’t looking good. We’ve also got a new international poster for Peter Berg‘s Battleship, in which Taylor Kitsch is the biggest star on the planet in a future where John Carter is a massive success. Check them both via RIMMK7 and Allocine.

Men In Black III arrives on May 25th, while Battleship hits two weeks earlier.

Which blockbuster are you most excited for?

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