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Kellan Lutz and Spencer Locke Team For Motion-Capture ‘Tarzan’ Feature

Written by on May 4, 2012 

If one Tarzan reboot trilogy wasn’t enough, another adaptation of the classic character is coming to screens. While Warner Bros. works on their version with Craig Brewer (Footloose, Black Snake Moan), Constantin Films is putting together their own update.

THR reports that Twilight and Immortals star Kellan Lutz is set to star as the title character, while Spencer Locke, known for her role in the Resident Evil movies and most recently Joseph Kahn‘s overlooked Detention, is set to play Jane. Reinhard Klooss and Holger Tappe are teaming to direct the film which will actually be completely motion-capture and in 3D, course.

I don’t enjoy harping on projects right off the bat, but this just sounds like a complete disaster. Without the budget of a major studio, two inexperienced directors are going to command two actors who haven’t quite proven themselves in a 3D, performance capture film? Yikes.

There’s also some changes from Edgar Rice Burroughs’ original story, as Tarzan’s billionaire parents will actually be dead off the bat from the plane crash that sent their son into the jungle. And the villain this time will be the man who takes over Greystoke Energies, the company Tarzan’s parents ran. Spoilers ahead, but the character of Jane, whose passion is saving the African jungle will team with Tarzan to defeat the bad guy. I don’t see in what universe this project could turn out on the positive side, but I suppose low expectations could help. At least it makes me more interested to see what Brewer’s take is over at WB.

Does this project sound like it could work? Do you want to see another Tarzan?

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