“Of course, the screenplay lends itself to the fact that one is practically bare in terms of who one is, one’s identity,” Juliette Binoche recently said at Cannes, discussing Clouds of Sils Maria. “That means that you have to have tremendous confidence, both in yourself and in the director. We hardly rehearsed with Olivier Assayas. We threw ourselves into the scenes and there was hardly any rehearsing. We had no safety net and that’s why it was such a wonderful experience.”

While a release date hasn’t been firmed up yet, today brings a new look at the results of that experience with the debut of another trailer. We were fans of the film at its premiere, saying in our positive review, “Sils Maria is clearly the product of two authors grappling with their past. Assayas and Binoche could simply remake the past; instead, they are reconsidering it and reinterpreting it in a new light. They have inhaled the youthful energy around them to move toward a thrilling future.” Also starring Kristen Stewart, Chloe Moretz, and Johnny Flynn, check out the trailer below via a Stewart fan site.


Clouds of Sils Maria will be released by IFC Films.

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