According to JoBlo, Warner Bros. Studios and MGM are pushing for Peter Jackson to direct the upcoming film, The Hobbit after Guillermo Del Toro dropped out of the project. We reported yesterday that the studio was looking at David Yates to direct but apparently this is a back-up plan. They are still hoping to get Jackson on board.

Aside from Jackson and Yates, names like David Dobkin and Brett Ratner have been thrown around with regards to The Hobbit.

I think the only logical choice is Peter Jackson. He did an amazing job with Lord of the Rings and I think he could do an equally impressive job with The Hobbit. Both are based on books by the same author and have overlapping characters, themes and settings so why not just use the same director who is already familiar with it all?

…and please, no Brett Ratner.

What do you think? Do you want Jackson back for this film?

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