Mel Gibson is in talks to make a supporting appearance in Robert Rodriguez‘s upcoming sequel Machete Kills, starring Danny Trejo as the titular character. Fox will release the film to the precious few people in the world still interested in a franchise that started as a fun trailer and became an impossibly redundant bore-fest [Deadline].

In this exciting new film, Machete must help the United States track down an arms dealer before he can launch a rocket. Original stuff.

Gibson has been rumored as a possible addition to the franchise for a while now, along with parallel whispers that Michelle Williams (yes, that Michelle Williams) was considering to bow in the sequel. While there’s been little word on Williams (let’s pray that stays true), Gibson appears to be everything but locked in. And, seriously, if you’re Gibson right now, what else do you have going on anyway?

As for directing duties, while Rodriguez shared responsibility with Ethan Maniquis for the first series of non-events in Machete, he’s hoping to take this one on alone, if his Sin City sequel doesn’t get in the way.

Casting Gibson doesn’t feel as exciting as it did when Todd Phillips considered it for The Hangover Part II before his cast voted against having the tarnished actor in the film. Like most of what Rodriguez does these days, it just feels tired and borderline lazy.

Will Mel Gibson elevate Machete Kills?

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