Knight of Cups 7

With it being nearly four years since filming began, Terrence Malick‘s Christian Bale-led drama Knight of Cups is finally in limited theatrical release as of this past weekend. We’ve talked to those closest to him regarding the production and today we have one of the most integral aspects of the film: the soundtrack.

Following its Berlin premiere, we put together a playlist based on the all the music in the film amounting to nearly five hours, and now the official release includes some of the same tracks from various orchestras from around the world, along with the addition of Hanan Townshend‘s score. “It’s always an exciting process,” the composer tells AXS, noting that he never saw the film while doing the score. “Working away from the picture allowed me more freedom to write without the images and story as the driving inspiration.”

Check it out below in full, along with the 14th track, Burial‘s Ashtray Wasp, which isn’t available on Spotify.

Knight of Cups is now in theaters and the OST will get a physical release on March 25th.

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