We get older and the music stays the same. With summer officially beginning, we have the perfect way to celebrate. From its rock and roll soundtrack to a funny, affectionate sense of nostalgia, Richard Linklater’s Dazed and Confused has grown into a beloved classic able to present a dead-on depiction of the ’70s, while also capturing the uneasiness of the 1990s. The Criterion Collection has now shared a letter written by Linklater to the cast and crew of D & C with some required listening — “here are some music tapes to check out,” he begins — and a full playlist of his suggestions.

Beyond these choices, Linklater meditates on the task that faces them all with D & C still ahead of them, and talks about trusting his gut instinct, stating that if the final product is 100% verbatim what is in the script, he will consider it a massive underachievement. His words are humble and encouraging, a glimpse into a young filmmaker with a talent for working with others and understanding the core of what he is trying to accomplish.

Listen to the full mixtape below on Spotify, and see Linklater’s letter.

Dazed-and-Confused letter

Dazed and Confused is available on The Criterion Collection and its spiritual sequel Everybody Wants Some!! is now available to stream.

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