kate winslet

A new Woody Allen feature is around the corner (see our Cannes review of Cafe Society), which means it is time to get the news about the director’s next feature. In the meantime, he’s busy as ever, finishing up work on his 6-episode Amazon TV series in which he leads alongside Miley Cyrus, Elaine May, John Magaro, and Rachel Brosnahan. He’s now found the lead for his 2017 film, and it’s an actor he has yet to work with.

According to Variety, Kate Winslet will lead the film, set to shoot next fall. As usual, Allen is writing, directing and producing the film alongside his recurring producers. While there’s no logline let, Allen did let slip to Vox that his next film will be set in a amusement park. If he can have it his way, it’ll be at Coney Island, otherwise expect him to perhaps show up at a park near you.

Winslet, coming off of Triple 9 and Steve Jobs, has two fall films: the September-bound The Dressmaker and Collateral Beauty, landing in December. Following Allen’s film, she’ll be shooting The Mountain Between Us alongside Idris Elba.

Cafe Society arrives on July 15th, his Amazon series will likely air this fall, and his next feature will certainly arrive in the summer of 2017, although it’s still awaiting distribution.

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