Just months after Johnny Depp’s comically over-the-top role as Whitey Bulger in Black Mass, the actor is potentially returning to the criminal underworld as the lead in J.C. Chandor’s next projectTriple Frontier. Chandor’s follow-up to the 2014 morality play A Most Violent Year its title refers to the real-life border zone between Paraguay, Argentina, and Brazil where crime has thrived in the absence of law enforcement. Chandor already has his next project lined up as well, a remake of the 2010 German film, The Robber, which tells the true story of Johann Kastenberger, a marathon runner who robbed banks as a hobby. [Variety and Deadline]

scoot mcnairyScoot McNairy isn’t yet a household name, but he’s built a resume with an impressive list of heavy hitter directors since his breakout roles in Monsters and Killing Them Softly. He’s signed on to two more promising films with The Legacy of A Whitetail Deer Hunter and 478. Directed by Jody Hill, Deer Hunter is about an uninterested sixth-grade boy who’s forced to join his father on a hunting trip. It also stars Josh Brolin and Hill-regular Danny McBride. 478 is the next film from Elliott Lester, best known for last year’s David Oyelowo powerhouse Nightingale. McNairy co-stars with Arnold Schwarzenegger in 478, which focuses on a 2002 plane accident and events that transpired 478 days later. [Deadline]

Finally, Mary Magdalene is long been a cinematic icon depicted by actresses as diverse as Anne Bancroft, Barbara Hershey, and PJ Harvey over the years, but there’s been very few films devoted to solely her story. Garth Davis, director of the majority of Top of the Lake, will be the latest to attempt to adapt her story. [Deadline]

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