This past weekend we found out Edward Norton will not be reprising his role as Bruce Banner in The Avengers movie. The first report was that Marvel quickly made a decision to hire an unknown instead, but than HitFix got more details from Marvel saying it wasn’t for monetary reasons, rather they want “an actor who embodies the creativity and collaborative spirit of our other talented cast members.”

Now CHUD is reporting that person could be Joaquin Phoenix. “Reliable sources” tell Devin they have put out an offer to actor who has been putting on a guise as a drugged out rapper for a mockumentary directed by Casey Affleck. That film is currently seeking a buyer.

As for the Hulk announcement we will find out at Comic Con, where Marvel plans to show off the entire Avengers cast.

Joss Whedon is directing The Avengers for a May 2012 release.

Would you want Phoenix to play Bruce Banner?

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