After his Conan the Barbarian reboot crashed and burned Jason Momoa found a bit of a resurgence with HBO’s Game of Thrones and now he’s lining up his next project. Variety reports the star has been added as the villain of the directorial debut from David Hayter, writer of X-Men, X2, Watchmen, and yes, The Scorpion King.

X-Men: First Class star Lucas Till is already set to lead the film, titled Wolves, which was announced over two years ago, but things are now finally coming together. Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief actress Merritt Patterson is also coming aboard the film, which follows a young man (Till) who transforms into a werewolf and escapes to a small town called Lupine Ridge after being accused of murdering his parents. But this isn’t just any normal town; Lupine Ridge is a hotbed of supernatural activity and may also hold secrets to his past.

This one doesn’t sound like my cup of tea, as none of the actors involved have been too impressive and the plot (not to mention title) sounds about as bland as they come. Hayter’s comic-book tendencies may add something fun here, so hopefully he proves me wrong and delivers a werewolf movie that’s actually a bit tense. And hey, it can’t be as bad as Joe Johnston‘s The Wolfmanright?

Production kicks off this fall in Toronto.

Are you anticipating Wolves?

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