Update: More details from the film have now been revealed.

With shooting kicking off this weekend in New York City for The Wolf of Wall Street, it’s certainly time to celebrate we’ll be getting another Martin Scorsese film quite soon. We’ve known the basic gist of the true-life story of crime in the financial sector and the downfall of one of its top workers, Jordan Belfort (Leonardo DiCaprio), but now some more details are coming in.

NY Daily News are reporting that DiCaprio and co-star Jonah Hill were seen brushing up for their roles at Bank of America Merrill Lynch near Bryant Park earlier this week as the former shadowed a stock trader and the latter followed a “a lower-level, yet successful derivative sales associate.” But besides that common occurrence, we also got some more details on the 1980’s time period Scorsese is capturing, as a source says, “there will be a lot of nudity and cocaine in the film” and that the studio has “been casting female models to play high-end prostitutes and strippers who must be okay with nudity.” The other sex gets to join in as well, as “older men will appear nude in various same-sex situations.” Scorsese is no stranger to hard R-rated drama, so after his foray into children’s films last year with Hugo it’s exciting to have him back.

We’ve also got news from on what Scorsese’s next film may have to be. Last week we heard that his Frank Sinatra biopic was moving forward with a new screenwriter attached, but now Deadline there is litigation moving forward regarding his adaptation of Shusako Endo‘s Jesuit priest drama Silence, which could star Benicio Del Toro and Daniel Day-Lewis. The filmmaker has been working with Cecchi Gori Pictures to develop the film since 1990, where he promised to direct it after 1997’s Kundun, but agreement came for him to delay it after The Departed, Shutter Island and Hugo. Now, after the company has put more than $750k into developing it, Scorsese is off doing Wall Street instead of Silence. This is reportedly an “alleged breach of contract on Silence and for not paying the agreed-upon financial and production credit consideration for Hugo.” I can’t imagine Scorsese would ever actually be forced to direct a film due to legal reasons, but maybe this will get the ball rolling on him seriously considering it as his next project.

As for Wall Street, it also stars Matthew McConaughey,  Jean Dujardin, Kyle Chandler, Cristin Milioti, Margot Robbie, Jon Bernthal, Rob Reiner, Kenneth Choi, P.J. ByrneEthan SupleeMax HoffmanKatarina Cas and Jon Favreau, and we can expect it to arrive next year.

Are you looking forward to having Scorsese jump right into adult fare? Would you like him to do Silence?

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