This summer, Godzilla will stomp back into theaters and while we may be naive, with Gareth Edwards behind the camera and a strong cast, we’re actually looking forward to the results. Despite how it turns out, select audiences will get a chance to see a bonafide classic featuring the towering creature, as Rialto Pictures have announced a restored version of Ishiro Honda‘s 1954 original Gojira will terrorize screens.

Debuting at TCM Classic Film Festival on April 12th, it’ll then arrive at New York City’s Film Forum in April, followed by Santa Fe, Portland, Seattle, Houston, Lexington, Columbus, and more. We now have a new trailer and poster for the re-release, which teases the monster without showing any footage. If you do want to see something from the film, we’ve also included the original trailer, so check out everything below and see the details on the roll-out here.

Have you seen the original? Will you do so before you see the WB tentpole?

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