As you sit down for a breakfast with simply no confrontations, we have a treat for all the hungry boys out there. Arriving on Digital HD today is Paul Thomas Anderson’s engrossing, playful, decadent, and decidedly unchic drama Phantom Thread. With its sly tenderness and comedic warmth, this shape-shifting look at relationships was one of last year’s finest films, and we’re pleased to debut an exclusive clip from the release, also included on the forthcoming Blu-ray/DVD and 4K Ultra HD editions.

One of the special features is a 12-minute treasure trove of previously unreleased behind-the-scenes photographs, laid over a gorgeous unused piece of Jonny Greenwood’s score. In our exclusive clip one can see Paul Thomas Anderson and crew hard at work, including Daniel Day-Lewis’ sketching and sewing, Vicky Krieps peparing for a confrontation, models posing, and, of course, gorgeous, the over-buttered asparagus.

I also had the opportunity to dive into the rest of special features and fans will be mightily pleased. Along with more behind-the-scenes photos, there’s camera tests showing off Krieps in a variety of different lighting schemes, deleted scenes (including an epic food fight between Cyril and Reynolds, another stunning shot of the Alps), and even an Adam Buxton-narrated 50s-esque fashion show, the origins of which Krieps used as inspiration.

Check out our exclusive clip below.

As a bonus, watch a recent talk between PTA and Richard Linklater.


Phantom Thread is now available on Digital HD, hits Blu-ray/DVD on April 10, and 4K Ultra HD on May 10.

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