Another week passes, another (likely) excellent Hong Sangsoo film premieres. Just five months since Berlinale selection Introduction will the South Korean master unveil In Front of Your Face at Cannes’ new, auteur-focused section Cannes Premiere. Early word on it’s been strong, even by his standards—our own anticipation’s high—and now there’s a first trailer to give a brief glimpse of what’s next.

In classic Hong fashion, this preview locates an individual interaction and runs with it entirely. Unusual but fitting, I think, for the director’s inclinations and talents—when you’re maybe our greatest writer and stager of cinematic conversation, why not let us soak that in for a full minute?

Watch it below and see three more clips here.

she has never lived in a high-rise apartment, and she wonders how her sister can live at this height every day. a few days ago she kind of burst in to stay with her sister, and she is now becoming re-accustomed to life in Korea. while seeming to keep a grave secret to herself, she manages life one day at a time with a sense of mindfulness. meanwhile a certain director, some years younger than her, has asked her to join his project, and after a polite refusal, they have agreed to meet for the first time today. downtown seoul is filled with narrow alleys that harbor tiny old bars, and that’s where they meet. as they are getting drunk, there is sudden rainfall and thunder.

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