If you thought something like Battleship or John Carter got out-of-hand production-wise, you’re in for another treat with Empires of the Deep. A few years ago, Chinese and American producers came together to fund an idea by Chinese millionaire Jon Jiang, who also wrote the script. For a reported $100 million (and possibly more), talent came and went (including Irvin Kershner and Monica Bellucci), until director Michael French got stuck with the final credit along with stars, most notably To the Wonder‘s Olga Kurylenko.

Now, we have the hilarious first look with an early trailer. After some quick banter with actual humans (or possibly mermaids), we get a minute onslaught of some of the worst, potentially insanely entertaining footage of this disaster. With not even a hint of any sort of distribution, I wouldn’t expect to see this in any theater. But for now, get some guilty pleasure enjoyment by checking out the trailer for Empires of the Deep below, thanks to Twitch.

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