Earlier this month, we gave you arundown of All is By My Side, a Jimi Hendrix sort-of biopic starring Andre “3000” Benjamin. With production on the movie currently underway in Dublin, Ireland it was only a matter of time before someone took a picture of Benjamin in character and courtesy of Rap Radar/CS, we have it for you above and below. Ridiculous afro aside, it appears more like a wig than actual hair, Benjamin does bare enough of a resemblance to Hendrix to make it work as a whole.

Written and directed by John Ridley, All is By My Side is not the traditional “birth to death” musician biopic; instead it’ll on the years of 1966-67 when Hendrix recorded his influential debut album in London, England. But here’s the kicker, the Hendrix Estate has denied requests to license any of the guitarist’s music for the movie. A Jimi Hendrix movie without Jimi Hendrix music? Even if All is By My Side ends up being tremendous, having none of the music is almost an instant dealbreaker. Here’s hoping that situation gets resolved and we don’t just deal with a bunch of really bad covers. Check out a pic of Haley Atwell as Linda Keith, the woman who discovered the artist, below along with another snap of Andre 3000.

Is Benjamin a spitting image of Hendrix, or do you want to wait until a more official photo is taken before you pass judgment? 

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