Never let age dictate decisions. Not when Frederick Wiseman, at a frankly daunting 92, debuted a narrative feature and has begun work on his 44th documentary. (And which, for what it’s worth, we can only assume will be quite long.) Despite recently claiming a massive restoration project would occupy him for some time, a financing announcement by the Ford Foundation gives first window into Wiseman’s next film.

Titled A Family Business, it will be “a chronicle of the day-to-day activities of a Michelin three-star restaurant and the family that owns and operates it.” Our friend Shawn Glinis, who did an excellent Wiseman interview for us, found an extra tidbit: it’ll concern “the Troisgros family in eastern France,” about whose business more information can be found here. This is the furthest we can go for now, and—unless there are spoiler hounds obtaining leaks from the set of a new Wiseman picture—likely the most we’ll know for some time. But no news is bad news here; we might also suggest biding your anticipation with any one of his films you’ve not yet seen. Here’s a good place to start.

As we await more details, check out Wiseman’s recent trip to the Criterion closet below.

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