If one is disappointed in the lack of worthwhile adult crime thrillers in Hollywood’s output, France seems to be doing things right. Today we’re featuring the exclusive debut of a new trailer for a stylish entry into the genre from French-Congolese filmmaker Jean Luc Herbulot. Titled Dealer, the Paris-set feature follows Dan Bronchinson as a drug dealer that wants to get out of the trade, inspired by his real-life experiences.

Conceived as the first film in a trilogy exploring the microcosm of street trades, it has enjoyed a festival run, including Fantasia, Raindance, and L’Etrange Festival, and is now awaiting U.S. distribution. The new trailer, which should please fans of Nicolas Winding Refn and perhaps Danny Boyle, can be seen below for the film also starring Elsa Madeleine, Salem Kali, Bruno Henry, Dimitri Storoge, Hervé Babadi, and Fatima Adoum.

Dan (Dan Bronchinson), a Parisian small-time drug dealer, is dreaming to take his daughter and move to Australia to become a pastry chef. When his best client offers him a one time only, big cocaine deal during the Fashion Week, he goes against his better judgment and accepts the offer. What starts as a simple score becomes a struggle to keep Dan and his daughter alive.


Dealer is currently seeking U.S. distribution.

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