Pier Paolo Pasolini’s Teorama was released nearly 60 years ago, but the surrealist masterpiece still continues to inspire to this day. Following last year’s Saltburn, the latest film writer-director Sonja Prosenc (who previously helmed Slovenia’s Academy Awards submissions The Tree and History of Love) is finding inspiration with the 1968 classic. Family Therapy, a drama which follows a rich family, living in a literal glass house as their balance is disrupted by a new visitor, world-premiered at the Tribeca Festival this past weekend and we’re pleased to debut the first trailer and poster.

Here’s the synopsis: “You drive by a burnt-out car on the side of the road, family beside it, a catastrophe has obviously occurred – what do you do? If you’re the family in the fancy car listening to Slavoj Zizek interviews on your ride back from the airport, you drive on by. Who are these people who drive on by? Family Therapy sets out to investigate that question. The film revolves around a nouveau riche family living in a literal glass house. When Julien, the patriarch’s son from another relationship, arrives at the family home, his presence disrupts their delicate balance, revealing cracks in their staid façade and upending their life of detached superiority.”

Family Therapy starts off as a social satire, a lens through which we scrutinize contemporary social issues. Yet, as the layers peel away, the story morphs into a deeper exploration of the human condition,” notes the director. “The film doesn’t just question the actions of those who don’t stop to help; it also probes the reasons behind their choices. Is it a learned indifference, a symptom of a broader societal ailment? Or perhaps they’re afraid to face their own vulnerabilities?”

Watch the exclusive trailer below.

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