In what feels like unprecedented territory, Eduardo Williams has followed his 2016 breakout experimental film The Human Surge––not with a sequel, but threequel. With the non-existent second film the one in your mind that bridges the gap between the two, The Human Surge 3 evolves Williams’ enveloping, formally staggering vision of the ways people both connect and move through our world. Once settled into its unique rhythms, the film might reshape how one approaches their next conversation with a newfound appreciation for the space they inhabit.

With one of 2024’s best films now set for an opening at NYC’s BAM on June 28 courtesy of Grasshopper Film, we’re pleased to exclusively premiere the first trailer, including a special 360-degree VR version. Williams shot the film with a 360-degree VR camera, the Insta360 Titan, utilizing eight spherical cameras and allowing the director to frame his shots in post-production. Here’s the synopsis: “Different groups of friends wander in a rainy, windy, dark world. They spend time together, trying to get away from their depressing jobs, meandering constantly towards the mystery of new possibilities.”

Leonardo Goi said in his review, “The Human Surge 3 is a profoundly corporeal experience, and that to witness it is to be made aware of the many bodies that crafted it: 1) those the camera was fastened onto to record the many lackadaisical meanderings; 2) Williams’ own as he ambled through the footage. It is also why the film remains such an electrifying journey throughout. In placing us inside the bodies of those who shaped it, The Human Surge 3 invites us to reclaim our own––to understand its limits as well as the sensorial delights we can enjoy through it.”

See the exclusive trailer and poster premiere below.

For the 360-degree VR version, we highly recommend viewing full screen and exploring with your mouse.

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