In the middle of the summer we got the enticing news that Roman Polanski would be teaming with one of the finest talents in contemporary international cinema, Olivier Assayas, for a film that finds the former directing and the latter scripting. Their adaptation of Based on a True Story, from prize-winning author Delphine de Vigan, now has a pair of cast members.

emmanuelle-seignerVariety reports that Polanski is once again collaborating with his wife, Emmanuelle Seigner, while Eva Green will take the other leading role. The story follows a writer who struggles after the release of their latest book, which leads to a rough spot in their personal life after an admirer shows up and imposes their influence. Seigner will take the role of the writer while Green will play the dangerous, obsessive admirer.

It’s set to begin production in Paris this November, and if one speaks French, the source of their new project — which was just released last year — is currently available on Amazon. As we await more details, listen to our discussion of Assayas’ most recent U.S. release, Clouds of Sils Maria, and read our interview with the director.

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