Isabelle Huppert continues to stay busy on the festival circuit after two films (Michael Haneke‘s Amour and Sang-soo Hong’s In Another Country) saw premieres at Cannes. The talented actress is back, this time at Toronto International Film Festival, leading a film titled Dormant Beauty.

From Italian director Marco Bellocchio, who brought us Vincere, Fists in the Pocket and  Good Morning, Night, the film takes us through the true-life events of Eluana Englaro. The woman went into a vegetative state for 17 years and this drama takes a look at the final six days of her life as we bounce around between interconnected characters. The real-life event sparked many debates about euthanasia and now we can see a glimpse at Bellocchio’s take below with the first teaser, as well as a batch of new photos.

TIFF kicks off on September 6th.

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