Austrian actor Christoph Waltz, recent Oscar recipient for Best Supporting Actor as a Nazi officer in Inglorious Basterds, will make his feature directing debut on the German-language movie Auf Und Davon (Up and Away). The film will be based on a script that Waltz wrote himself. According to THR he might also play a role.

The story is about a woman who is the ruthless host of a dating show competition. She finds herself in over her head when the show’s romantic story line bumps into her own feelings for a contestant.

Sandford Panitch, the President of Fox International Prods., the studio who bought the rights to the project stated:

“While Christoph’s rise to international stardom will continue, we are very proud to collaborate with him on his very own project.”

The movie will be loosely based on Meike Winnemuth and Peter Praschl’s German-language novel Auf und Davon.

While this film won’t be Waltz’ first time directing, having previously directed for German television, it will be his the debut to directing feature films.

THR believes that the film will not necessarily be seen outside of German-speaking countries. Hopefully, however, with Waltz’s newfound fame Auf Und Davon gains enough acclaim and popularity to make a run through film festivals around the world and then possibly to the box office.

It is unlikely that Auf Und Davon will be released in Germany until late 2011 with Waltz’s other projects including Water for Elephants and The Green Hornet yet to be completed.

Would you be interested in seeing Auf Und Davon?

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