Julie Delpy is currently in development on 2 Days in New York, a sequel to her acclaimed indie comedy 2 Days in Paris. In the sequel, the romantically-challenged Marion, played by Delpy, will have children and a new lover. Today it’s been announced Chris Rock has signed on to the project, and popular opinion says he’ll take on the role of Marion’s new man.

Like 2 Days in Paris, Delpy says 2 Days in New York will center on “the difficulty of relationships but also about the main character’s evolution in general. It’s a very modern story about the complexities of being a woman and not being completely consumed by your partner.” The film centers on a hectic weekend, where Marion’s family visits from France and clashes with her American boyfriend. So – it’s basically the same plot as 2 Days in Paris in a new locale.

And to be honest, I’m totally okay with that. I was a fan of the unique romantic neurosis Delpy and co-star Adam Goldberg brought to the original. They were fun to watch, and Delpy’s direction created a quirky and exciting Paris. So, I’m on board for a retread in my favorite city. Though I’m holding out hope Goldberg will also be on board.

As far as Rock‘s concerned, I’m hesitant as his re-make of Frank Oz’s Death at a Funeral makes me shudder.

Can Rock do anything beyond broad comedy? Are you anticipating Delpy’ 2 Days in New York?

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